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Our humble beginning
    Ortega Produce started in 1979 in San Jose California out of a pick up truck Mr and Mrs Ortega two immigrants from Jaliso Mexico came to the United States searching for their American dream their ultimate goal becoming enterpreneours.    
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When Mr Ortega first arrived to this country he started his journey by working as a farm worker in the fields of  Fresno California earning $2.25 per hour, he worked picking and packing watermelon also picking strawberrier,cherries throughtout Northern California after years of working hard labor under the california sun hardly making a living, feeling unappreciated Ortega realazied that his potential was much grater he decided to make a change.

 In the mid 1970’s Ortega began working at a Cannery company named Libbys Canery in Sunnyvale California were he packed fruit this is where Mr Ortega met his wife Alicia, soon after they got married and became parents to there five children.
       Mr and Mrs Ortega wanted to start their own business and named it Ortega Produce. Their journey as entrepreneurs begins when they purchase their first pick up truck which then became their first place of businness selling fruit on the side of the road, parking lots and street corners.
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Ortega Produce is a family business that started from the ground up with all 5 children eventually being involved, the two children in the picture helping the customer are the two oldest sons of  Mr and Mrs Ortega.
Ortega Produce then began to sell fruit at the San Jose Capital Flea Market years later getting a permanet location at the San Jose Berryessa Flea Market, then the opportunity was presented to Mr and Mrs Ortega. Ortega Produce whom would later be known for being the first traditional mexican fruits stand to San Jose and to the Bay Area. Ortega Produce were the first to introduce ‘’fruta fresca’’ inspired by the street fruit vendors from Mexico to the streets of San Jose fresh quality chopped up fruit in cup topped off  with chili salt and lemon ‘’cocos helados’’  fresh coconuts and Aguas Frescas made with fresh natural fruit juices 100% Mexican style. 
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   We have now expanded our menus  by offering a variety of aguas frescas, coconuts and fresh fruit cocktails and also offering catering service for any special events. We are now proudly serving the Berryessa Flea Market with three locations inside. Ortega Produce has been an iconic business within the City of San Jose.

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